Primary school visits at Haynes International Motor Museum

Currently reception and years 1, 2 and 3 represent a significant part of our educational visitors.

Studying the history of transport we deliver a package which incorporates history, geography, maths, art and design as well as looking at the technology behind the motor car.  We look at the design of cars and look at the reasons for their development.  From the Mini to the Cadillac.  We also look at the most expensive car in the Museum to the car that costs less to buy than a horse and changed the world at the time when it was built.

We work closely with teachers to ascertain learning objectives before constructing a schedule that reflects these requirements. Using the Museum as our classroom we take the children on a journey into our motoring past.  We encourage dressing up in period costume, role play and Q&A sessions.  We also let children experience sitting in the Museum cars.  We work from the 1885s up to the present day. 

We have specially designed work books that children can use during their visit. We also can incorporate other activities into the day, please contact the Education team on or telephone 01963 442797 to discuss your requirements.