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Ongoing Conservation of 1960 Ferrari 250 GT

8th Dec 2017

Our car is undergoing conservation work including the rebuilding of its manual transmission, replacement of its fuel tank and refurbishment of the squabs (i.e. what one sits on) of its two seats.  The car is on display in ‘Ferrari: The Man, The Machine, The Myth’ exhibition pending completion of this work.

The 250 was a very successful early line for Ferrari containing a number of equally attractive variants and produced between 1953 and 1964.  Many 250s, including ours, run the 2953 cc V12 ‘Colombo’ engine nick-named after its designer Gioacchino Colombo.

‘GT’ means ‘Gran Tourismo’ and describes a car offering performance and luxury; one capable of covering long distances at high speeds and in great comfort. Despite the European origins of the car, it was the American market which would be its most eager customer, an earlier version of the 250 even being called the ‘California Spider’.