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1970 Ginetta G15

15th Jan 2018

2018 not only represents the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Ginetta G15 of which we have an example from 1970 in our Collection that can be seen in our famous Red Room. It is also 60 years since Ginetta Cars Limited was formed by Walklett brothers Bob, Ivor, Trevor and Douglas in Suffolk, East Anglia.

Though road legal, many G15 buyers had their eyes on racing circuits and the car proved very successful in competition.  When new a Series I G15 cost £849 and was available either in component (or “kit”) form or as a complete car.  UK tax rules meant that the former would save you money but you would need to be handy with a spanner.  Power came from Rootes Group’s Imp Sport engine also mounted to the rear of the G15.

Ginetta manufactures cars to this day, although the Walklett brothers have not been involved for some time, and is at the forefront of UK race car manufacturing also running popular   Ginetta Championships.