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‘Curator’s Talks and Celebration of American Power’

29th Mar 2018

We kicked off 2018’s programme of Curator’s Talks and ‘Celebration’ events in March to the delight and interest of our visitors. Curator, Matt Piper, began with a series of talks on ‘The Dawn of Motoring’, taking his audience on a journey back to a time when the motor car did not exist; impossible to imagine today.  Matt’s friendly and informal approach made his listeners feel comfortable, but also very informed.

Matt also presented a series of fascinating talks within our ‘Celebration of American Power’ event.  Our Collections team devised a ‘pop up’ display which would only last a few days, but which not only included Matt’s talks but exhibition floor talks, interesting graphics and, of course, vehicles from the Collection.  Visitors were not only able to learn about American cars and the culture around them, but also to get close to them as certain cars could be sat in and their bonnets looked under.

Visitors paying to see our Collection on the day, or using their Gift Aid tickets, did not need to pay extra to take part in either of these events.

We are very pleased to say that there is more to come, with Matt giving talks on the DeLorean DMC12, Ford Motor Company and its Model T and the Volkswagen Beetle.  Forthcoming celebrations focus on Italian Style, Jaguar Cars and the 70th birthday of the Land Rover.  Further information can be found on this our website – click here.