Get Closer - Supercars - Lift the bonnets!

Get Closer to our Collection this Half Term

This half term ‘Get Closer’ with our experienced Museum team and lift the bonnet on some your favourite cars from our Supercars, Red Room, American Dream, Motorcycle Mezzanine, Morris Garages and Memory Lane collections.

This special event is for all age, giving visitors the opportunity to lift the Museum rope on selected vehicles and explore with a member of our Museum team. 

For younger visitors, delve into the science of how a car runs, have a chance to sit in our Red Cadillac and get closer to hidden gems not usually on show to the public (check activity days here)!
For the seasoned enthusiast this event is the perfect opportunity to explore the finer details on some of our prized vehicles that are usually not visible to the public. Questions are highly encouraged, so please do drop in during half term for specific vehicles and activities.

We have different events on each day so check here to see which activity and area you'd like to Get Closer to!


10:00 – 12:00 – The Supercar Century - Lift the Bonnets! Explore the Supercar Century and Hall of Motorsport with our Collections team. Lift the bonnets, look inside and talk with our team.

13:30 – 15:30 - A car that could beat Ferrari? Follow the signs within the Museum for a close up of our GT40. We’ll be focussing on the power and might of the GT40 and the fascinating story of Ford’s desire to produce a car that could beat Ferrari. You’ll also get a chance to explore the car in full with a member of our team.

These events are included within Museum admission and do not require booking.