A Celebration of American Power

Do you own an American Power vehicle?  We are calling all owners of cars to come to the Museum from Wednesday 21st to Saturday 24th March to help us celebrate these amazing American Power marques.  As well as inviting owners and enthusiasts we are also getting our cars out of the Museum exhibits so you can get up close and ask questions about the vehicles on display in the Millennium Hall.

The celebrating does not stop there we will also have specific displays in the Museum Shop and Café 750 will have a special American menu which includes a light bite of Corn Chowder, a main meal of Mac and cheese or BBQ pulled pork panini, and dessert of apple pie and ice cream.  If that cannot tempt you then an afternoon tea with a Peanut Butter Brownie or a piece of Banana Bread.

Join us in taking a closer look at American Power from the earliest days of US motoring through two world wars and onwards to the present and then see what you think.  There will be informal daily talks at 11.15 and 14.15 with the Museum Curator Matt Piper in the Millennium Hall.

“America has always had a reputation for producing large and powerful motorcars, particularly from the 1950s to 1970s.  Indeed, a new breed of super-powerful car, the ‘Muscle car’, appeared on US roads during this time. But is bigger always better? 

A strong sense of national self-confidence, post-war wealth fuelling a demand for consumer products together with a great road system and cheap, abundant fuel meant that American car manufacturers such as Ford, Chrysler and General Motors gave car buyers what they wanted…or what they thought they wanted.”

To compliment the Celebration of American Power exhibition and seated talk in Millennium, Volunteers will lead tours starting from our Visitor Service Desk located in Museum foyer. The tour will take a closer look at American Power Cars.  There will be informal daily talks at 11.15 and 14.15 within the American Collection.  Stay all day and enjoy both the morning and afternoon sessions.