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Triumph Spitfire Chassis Is Once More on Display and Is in the Red Room. And Yes, It Is Red

5th Jun 2017

After some considerable time in the reserve collection, our 1963 Triumph Spitfire chassis is once more on display in the Red Room and yes, it is red,  Triumph ‘Signal’ red to be precise. 

It is hard to believe that the much-loved Spitfire was in danger of not being made.  Initially conceived by Standard-Triumph, the idea of a cheap, fun sports car to supply the demands of those who could not afford the likes of an Austin Healey was put on hold by the manufacturer due to lack of money.  Enter Leyland Motors Ltd which acquired Standard Triumph and decided the Spitfire was worth saving.  The Spitfire has much to thank Triumph’s already successful Herald for as the former shares many elements of the latter, including a revised version of its chassis.  Sharing parts also saved money.

Just like the Herald, the Spitfire’s body was designed in Italy by Giovanni Michelotti (1921 to 1980) and was very pretty indeed.  The car was a huge success, especially in the US, and enjoyed a production run from 1962 to 1980.  The Museum’s very early Spitfire chassis can be found behind a complete, Mk III car (also in red).

The Triumph Spitfire is just one of over 400 vehicles to be enjoyed while visiting the Collection. The Museum is open seven days a week and tickets can be purchased at reception on arrival or you can book tickets online in advance.