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Stag Party at the Museum

16th Jun 2017

How time flies! It’s an unbelievable 40 years since the last Triumph Stag was made in 1977. The car was produced in Mark I and II variants at Speke in Liverpool (bodies) and Canley in Coventry (final assembly) over a period of 7 years.  Like many Triumph cars (Spitfire, Herald and 2000), the Stag was styled by Giovanni Michelotti and somehow managed to look both pretty and muscular at the same time.

More a grand tourer than a sports car the Stag used an all-new, wonderfully sonorous but flawed 3 litre V8 engine which led to the car rightfully gaining a poor reputation for reliability.  Total production was a mere 25,877 which might have been a much higher figure if British Leyland’s tried and tested ex-Buick 3.5 litre V8 had been used instead.  Despite the car’s shortcomings, or perhaps because of them, the Triumph Stag has arguably become one of Great Britain’s most recognisable classic cars and has survived in relatively high numbers.

Visitors to the Museum can find a 1976 Triumph Stag in Russet Brown paint in our ‘Memory Lane’ exhibition. You can see this magnificent car as well as over 400 other vehicles on display at the Museum. Tickets are available on arrival at reception or online via our ticketing page.