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Drive it Day

3rd Apr 2017

‘Drive it Day’ Sunday, 23 April:  The name is perhaps self-explanatory but, to those not in the know, this is a day organised by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) to commemorate the 1900 ‘One Thousand Mile Trial’.  The Trial ran from 23rd April to 12th May, started and ended in London and included a number of locations in Great Britain including Bristol and Edinburgh.  65 cars started and an impressive 35 finished.

FBHVC member clubs and groups organise drive outs, meets, rallies etc. to commemorate the historic trial and, in the process, ensure that a large number of classic cars can be seen out and about on this day.  We wish ‘Drive it Day’ great weather and even greater success and hope to see some interesting classics outside the Museum.