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Bentley S series Celebrating In Style

26th May 2017

Happy Birthday to you, Bentley S1!  The Bentley S, or S1 as it became known (there were two more series to come), was produced from 1955 to 1959 and was derived from Rolls Royce’s Silver Cloud. The S1, and its later series siblings, is noteworthy as Bentley’s last standard production car with a separate chassis. A little over 3,000 S1s were built and the Bentley S1 that the Museum has was made in 1957 making it 60 years old. The vehicle forms part of the Travelling in Style exhibition located in the Millennium Hall. This is one of the cars available for weddings, please call Wendy on 01963 442799 or email – to find out more about the wedding services available from the Museum.