Discovery Days

Is your family ready to accept the Haynes Discovery Mission?  Working as a family of amateur detectives, your first task will be to work out what the contents are in one of the mysterious bags.  A Museum volunteer will be alongside each bag and once you have identified the contents the volunteer will give you further information about it. They will then give you your ‘mission details’.  Upon completing your mission you will need to report back to HQ with the information you have collected and you will then all receive your first mission reward.  In total there are ten exciting new missions for this summer. Aimed at families, this is a fantastic chance to explore the Museum and our Education Centre, as well as getting hands on with some artefacts from our motoring past and present.  


1.    Do I need to book? – no

2.    Is there an extra cost above museum admission to do this activity? – no

3.    What time does it run from and to? – 10:30 to 16:00

3.    Where can I find out additional information – email: or telephone: 01963 440804